How Much Does it Matter How You Talk About Your Tech Company?

How Much Does it Matter How You Talk About Your Tech Company?

NY Times recently wrote an interesting piece on the concept of the “tech company” and how start-ups are running to put themselves in this bucket, regardless of whether they are building actual technology or enabled by technology.


“Tech means more than just producing hardware or software,” said Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “It is synonymous with innovation, research and development, long-term thinking.”

There’s a cache around being a tech start-up and the tech community.  “It can be a signal that you want to work for me. You want to buy things from me at a higher price. You want to give me capital at a lower cost,” Mr. Zandi said.

The other side of the discussion?  The article highlighted research showing that with the last tech bubble, companies that added to their name saw a temporary surge in stock prices.  However, when the bubble burst, those who moved away from the label saw their prices over one-month move  38.5 percent ahead of companies that kept the dot-com name.
The point? How you talk about your company in the media and otherwise really matters.   Keep reading here

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