Why Content Is Key For PR

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.14.28 PMOne of the biggest shifts I’ve seen since starting SCG six years ago is the growth in content as a PR channel. Content used to refer to onsite blog posts written by brands that often included a lot of direct product promotion. But today, the 300-word advertorial just won’t cut it. Audiences expect more—more education, more information, more entertainment. This is true whether you’re reaching readers on-site through your blog, or through bylined articles on digital platforms and news outlets. Good content requires a smart strategy for differentiating and cutting through the noise.

We believe powerful content is critical to any good PR platform, and it’s an integral part to the work we do for each of our clients. Whether in the form of a well timed OpEd article, a dedicated column, or a “most-read” Linked In post, we routinely create content opportunities to share unique and relevant perspectives, engaging and inspiring stories, and to establish our clients as go-to media resources. From what we regularly see in our work with high-growth tech startups and VC firm, the ability to tell a great story really does matter.

With that, I’m excited today to announce today that Kathleen Harris is joining our team as Editorial Director. Kathleen will be working with our roster of clients to help shape strategy, define key messaging, and create compelling content. As Kathleen says, “I love ideas: Big ideas, small ideas, ideas that solve problems, ideas that come from unexpected places. As a lifelong editor and digital devotee, the intersection of tech and storytelling is the sweet spot for me.” Trained as a journalist at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Kathleen has worked on both the editorial and content strategy side for many media companies, brands, and startups. Through her extensive experience, she has developed the keen ability to shape the messages that will resonate most in the news. Her previous track record includes working as the Editor of RealSimple.com, Deputy Editor at xo group, Head of Content Development at Levo League, and moScreen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.27.36 PMst recently as a content strategist working with high-profile executives, best-selling authors, emerging tech brands, and venture capitalist.

We are excited for Kathleen to join us as she brings both her editorial perspective and content strategy know-how to SCG clients.

Welcome, Kathleen!

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